SONARCHEOLOGY (SŌN-ÄR′KĒ-ÖL′Ę-JĒ)- A mystical study of the ancestry of sound and the vibrational remains of immortal motion, sound fossils, resonance and sonartifacts.

SONARCHEOLOGY STUDIOS is a field recording and sound design service.  Sounds are captured and recreated using state of the art audio recording devices. Projects include film scores, foley art, sound design for theater and film, live performance, historical and artistic audio tours, audio books, digital campaigns, gaming and other emerging media.

Contact Info: sonarcheology@gmail.com / 724.312.7882

Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson On Site @ Carrie Furnaces, Photo By: Andrea Petrillo

Curtesy of: Alloy Pittsburgh 2015

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Photo By: Abby Kraftowitz 

Winter Field Recording Along The Monongahela River 

Ricardo Iamuuri Robinson is a composer, sound recordist and audiovisual artist.  His work explores the ancestry of sound born from object and space.  He is founder and owner of SONARCHEOLOGY STUDIOS, a field recording service dedicated to the production of all things related to sound. The work of SONARCHEOLOGY STUDIOS has been featured in live performances and films including Sustainability Pioneers, funded by the Heinz Foundations; and Translations, part of the CSA Series at the New Hazlett Theater.  His newest works, THE STEEL-FONICS is temporary site-based sound installation at The Carrie Furnaces Nation Historic Landmark. Mars is Underwater, is  an audiovisual performance. A silent film accompanied by an original improvisational score. Mars is Underwater has been performed at the Pittsburgh Gallery Crawl and Afronaut(a) 2.0 at Wagman Observatory, with more performances slated for 2015-2016.  

Robinson's work has been funded by Heinz Endowments, The Pittsburgh Foundation and the Lyman Fund, and was featured in the Emmy Award-winning documentaries In Country: Vietnam and Jim Crow Pennsylvania.  He was named the 2013 RAW Artist of the Year, and was a 2014 Flight School Fellow.  

Before dedicating a lot of his energy to sound recording and audiovisual art, Robinson established himself a vibrant career as a musician, recording and releasing two full albums: Conversations with Shepherds, Sheep, Guinea Pigs and Monkeys: Nursery Rhymes for the Underfed Minds, Vol. 1 and Conversations w/ Aliens, Automatons, Paper Kings and Plastic Dreams: Nursery Rhymes for the Unfettered Minds, Vol. 2.  He has performed with bands and as a solo act in scores of venues around the country.  

A lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, Robinson has been an active member of the city's art and music scene for two decades, collaborating with dozens of local artists and working at some of the city's premier venues.