STRIP DISTRICT is a creative audio tour.  The process of creating STRIP DISTRICT involves integrating sound and spoken narrative to create a cohesive artistic experience that brings the strip alive. 

First, sounds from present day Strip District are captured using state of the art technology.  These are layered into the composition along with historic sounds like trolleys; distinct dialects and languages found throughout the history of Pittsburgh; many of which will be original pieces of Foley art recorded at SONARCHEOLOGY STUDIOS.  Layered on top of the sound composition is a spoken narrative, written after researching the history of the strip and interviewing local historians and long-time residents.  The narrative will include diverse voices and perspectives, giving listeners insight into a wide range of Pittsburgh experiences.  These voices will be recorded with voice actors to give the piece rich texture.

The final step in the creative process is designing an app that allows users to access the creative work and experience the tour.  In order to experience the tour, a listener will need to have a mobile listening device (which does not necessarily have to be a smart phone).  This is consistent with the kind of technology that most museums are now incorporating into their exhibit experiences, and creates a kind of public museum.  

The end result is an audio tour any Pittsburgh citizen or tourist can download and play while walking through the Strip District.  This audio tour allows listeners to experience the heart of Pittsburgh in a new and dynamic way, incorporating history, art and personal narratives.  

STRIP DISTRICT is the launching point for SONARCHEOLOGY PITTSBURGH, a larger exploration of Pittsburgh’s vibrant neighborhood communities. This long term project is set to debut in 2016 with three pilot projects.  The first is STRIP DISTRICT. The other two are SECOND SISTER, an audio tour of the Roberto Clemente Bridge; and POINT OF RETURN, an audio tour which explores Point State Park.